Wireless Dental Camera Helps You Inspect Your Teeth Hygiene

If you drink as much Mountain Dew as I do, you would be very concerned about your teeth too.  Want to get your dentist to stop dissing your hygiene?  You need to get your hands on this Wireless Dental Camera for a little bit over $100.  The Wireless Dental Camera has a 1.3 megapixel camera that transmits images from inside your mouth to a 2.4GHz wireless receiver.  The receiver is then connected to a TV or PC.  Transmission range from the camera toothbrush-like device to the receiver is about 33 feet.  The device costs about $100.

This device is also handy for dentists themselves.  How cool would it be to show your patients the decay and plaque that they need to clean up?

[via ChinaVision, Oh Gizmo!]

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Wireless Dental Camera Helps You Inspect Your Teeth Hygiene Comments

  1. vaughan dentist says:

    This is a great tool that people can use to detect any problems in the mouth. They earlier you catch dental problems, the easier they are to treat.

  2. dental hygiene utah says:

    This dental camera enables users to examine their teeth, ears, hair and other body parts on their own.

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