Denise Finkel, University of Albany Student Suing Facebook For $3 Million

Denise Finkel has decided to sue Facebook for $3 million because four of her ex-classmates at Oceanside High School set up a group “calculated to hold the plaintiff up to public hatred, ridicule, and disgrace,” on the social network.  The group was password-protected and claimed that Finkel had AIDs, was an avid drug user, and had “inappropriate conduct with animals.”

Finkel is also sueing her former classmates.  “She had a very difficult time in high school. (The classmates) were making sure that she was an unwanted soul there,” stated Mark Altschul, Finkel’s attorney.

[via CNET]

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Denise Finkel, University of Albany Student Suing Facebook For $3 Million Comments

  1. Lyn says:

    Funny-the plaintiff in this action did the same thing done to her to my daughter some years back using instant messaging, and a couple of the youths named as defendants aided her and were her best buddies doing it to my kid too — what goes around comes around — bet her mommy didn’t know she was doing unto others before it was done to her. How come if a person is 14, it is acceptable to them to do this to someone else – but when it’s done to them — LAWSUIT!!! Mommy’s 15 minutes of fame is going to ruin this young woman’s life. These people she is suing are literally her neighbors.

    My daughter changed her on-line name — has great friends — and doesn’t ever post mean or libelous items about anyone. If this was going on in high school-then why didn’t her parents nip it in the butt before it became what it is now? also – if her name wasn’t posted, and it was password log-in — then how has it ruined her life to $3M.

    Maybe the lawyer took it on a contingency basis for the free journalistic advertising??

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