Netflix Gets Connected On Facebook

Netflix Inc. is another company that has joined in on the Facebook Connect bandwagon.  Netflix linked their ratings system to the social network so that when a user rates a movie on the video rental service website, it gets linked to their profile.

This move is slight competition to LivingSocial.  LivingSocial is a Facebook application system where users can vote on music albums, beer, books, iPhone applications, movies, restaurants, ski slopes, TV shows, and video games.

Netflix has over 10 million subscribers.  Netflix is hoping to leverage that user base to connect with Facebook’s 175 million users.  “Movies make for great conversations,” stated Netflix VP of Product Management Gibson Biddle.

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Netflix Gets Connected On Facebook Comments

  1. Joe says:

    FB connect is cool , Not sure why Netflix waited for a year to catch up…well I like Netflix . I also looked around to see what is the best available facebook application out there and by far Netflix Movie Wall ( ) is the coolest application out there ….it lets you do a lot of cool things about a movie and see what your friends on facebook like and what your FB friends have in their Queue. One more cool thing they let you hide movies from your queue or rental history so you can only vide it and not your FB friends, I like privacy so I am a huge fan of this feature. I think they also have a long way to go but are doing thing better than other applications out there .
    My 2 cents

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