Nokia 3606 Lands On Cricket Communications For $180

Cricket Communications, subsidiary of Leap Wireless has a new phone in their arsenal, the black, sleek Nokia 3606 with external touch controls for music.  Cricket offers unlimited minute plans starting at $30 per month and unlimited everything at $50 per month.  Cricket doesn’t sell a lot of unique handsets so getting the 3606 is a major win.

The Nokia 3606 has a 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, and microSDHC.  The phone costs about $179.99.

“The 3606 is a natural fit for Cricket’s services,” stated Ian Laing, VP of Nokia North America Sales. “The form factor is compelling and the phone’s core features make it a music powerhouse and a stylish communications device.”

[via BGR/Nokia PR]

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