Bolt Creative Creates Pocket God For iPhone In A Week, Sells Over 400K Downloads

Bolt Creative used to be just a company that made Flash designs.  The company started around 1999, but now they have switched it up.  They are making iPhone applications and maintaining contracts with their clients.  Some of the applications that they created include Pocket God, FWARP!, Slinky Inc, and now they are working on I’m a PC.

The biggest success story of Bolt Creative right now is Pocket God [iTunes link].  In Pocket God, you play the role of a fictitious god that oversees a miniature tribe living on an island.  You can slap them into a volcano, electrocute them with lightning, feed them to the sharks, make them do a dance for you, and drop coconuts on their heads.  The game costs $0.99 and there isn’t much else to it.

“We felt really guilty releasing our app for $.99 because people said there really wasn’t enough there,” stated a Bolt Creative co-founder Dave Castelnuovo in a phone interview. “Now people are saying the exact opposite.”

Pocket God is currently averaging about 12,000-15,000 downloads per day and it took the team about a week to put together.  However Bolt Creative has been updating the game every week for 11 weeks straight.  The 11th update has a feature called A Mighty Wind where a hurrican forces wind on the tribe.  Each update takes the team a couple of days.

Pocket God knocked out iDracula from the top spot.  So far Pocket God has sold well over 400,000 downloads of the game.

On, Castelnuovo hosts a real-time forum where he gets ideas for new Pocket God updates.  “Our strategy all along was to blatantly ask for reviews and input so users  could feel a part of it. We have over 11,000 reviews on the App Store,” added Castelnuovo. “The shark  was a huge one the community wanted and the hurricane too. The next update we haven’t announced yet, but it’s community driven. It will be a nice update not a mean one and it’s the closest we’ve gotten yet to making Pocket God a mini-game.”

Allen Dye, the designer and award winning animator is the other co-founder of Bolt Creative.

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Bolt Creative Creates Pocket God For iPhone In A Week, Sells Over 400K Downloads Comments

  1. Jonathan Kim says:

    when the game starts, can everything be on like the hurricane and the weather change. my ipod touch has a technical malfunction so i cannot touch the arrow or anything else within that area. or could moving the arrow be possible? i would greatly appreciate it if you were to do this.

  2. Elaine Howard says:

    This game has caused a big stir among Pacific Islander communities in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the islands because of its racist overtones against Polynesians. The most disgusting thing is that Bolt Creative denies that they are portraying any specific ethnicity “directly or indirectly” when all elements are Polynesian and nothing else. To Pacific Islanders, this is akin to designing a game where you kill people wearing “black face” and deny that it’s racist against African Americans. Apps like this perpetuate negative stereotypes and should be revamped or removed.

    See a link below to read an article from Spasifik Magazine condemning this game:

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