The Snow Hotel Is Exactly What The Name Says It Is

The Snow Hotel in Kemi, Finland has guest rooms and and decorations made out of ice.  A 41 degree temperature keeps the walls and floor frozen.  Its like you are staying in an oversized igloo and going eskimo-style on your stay there.

The hotel has single and double rooms.  It also has rooms for groups and for couples on a honeymoon.  The rooms range from about $176-$420 per night.  The snowy rooms have thermal sleeping bags and shuttles.

Near the Snow Hotel is a Snow Chapel if any snow men and snow women feel like getting married in freezing temperatures. Personally I prefer the beach, but some people are more cold-blooded than I am (pun intended!).

If you want to check it out, do it soon.  The snow is starting to melt at a rapid pace!

[via CNET]

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