Dell Precision T7500 PC Can Support 192GB Of RAM, That’s Right.

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) announced this past week that they are selling a new PC that can be upgraded to as high as 192GB of RAM.  That’s insane!

The Dell Precision T7500 PC has 12 memory slots, each that can support a PC10600 memory stick (1333MHz) of up to 16GB.  The standard PC has about 2-4 slots for RAM that can take up to about 4GB DDR2 memory sticks that run up to about 400MHz and 1066MHz in speed.   The price of the T7500 starts at $1,800.

The memory limits are able to be ramped up because of the company’s use of the Intel Nehalem CPU architecture.  Before the Nehalem architecture, memory controllers were mounted on the core logic chip set.  This causes data traveling between the CPU and RAM to collide with data.

The Nehalem architecture shortens the distance between the memory and the CPU and also creates multiple/direct pathways.  The cost of the maxed out RAM Precision T7500 is estimated to cost roughly $50,000.  Dell also revealed that the ThinkStation D20 can support up to 96GB of RAM.

[via ComputerWorld]

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Dell Precision T7500 PC Can Support 192GB Of RAM, That’s Right. Comments

  1. Sam says:

    Actually, the website price from Dell for the 7500 with maxed-out RAM is just north of $200,000 at current RAM prices.

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