Kodak Will Delete Your Gallery Photos Unless You Spend $5 Per Year

Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) stated today that anyone that does not order $5 per year worth of pictures will see them get deleted from the online Kodak Gallery service.

The company decided to change its terms of service to add that detail today.  People that are storing less than 2GB of photos are required to spend at least $4.99 and those storing over 2GB are expected to spend $19.99 per year.  “Failure to meet this requirement may result in your photos being deleted from the Gallery,” stated Kodak.

People that use the Kodak Gallery can check how many days they have left to make an order within the My Account section of the Kodak Gallery.

[via TGDaily]

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Kodak Will Delete Your Gallery Photos Unless You Spend $5 Per Year Comments

  1. Kingsly says:

    You can get all your photos in full resolution for FREE, without opting for Premier Gallery.

    Look into


    for the steps.

    FREE FREE FREE way to get all your pictures from Kodak.

    You could shift your photos to Picasa or Flickr.

  2. rp says:

    Total BS about this policy. I spent $600 on two Kodak digital photo frames, but that doesn’t give me any leniance on the policy.

    Ridiculous to spend $600 and then get nickle and dimed out of more money.

    will never buy another kodak product ever

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