Google Launches Venture Capital Division

Google has recently announced the Google Ventures, the company’s new venture capital fund. Google aims to use this division to take advantage of their own resources to support innovation and encourage other technology companies.

Google plans to invest in early stage investments across industries such as Internet, software, clean-tech, bio-tech, health care, and other industries that they haven’t thought about yet. In some circumstances, Google will depend on some of their own employees to recommend early stage companies.

Google has no problem spending tens of millions of dollars on a company depending on the stage of the company. Google Ventures is willing to co-invest with other outstanding venture capital firms. There will be a Google Ventures office based in Mountain View, California and in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If you want your startup to be considered for funding, email is the best way to reach Google Ventures (ventures [[at]] Bill Maris and Rich Miner are the first Managing Partners for the division.

In related news, Google recently invested in Pixazza, a service that connects advertising to images.

[via Google Blog]

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  1. Matt Bablitz says:

    I am trying to forward GV information on Islet Sciences. It’s a biotech working on innovative cures for diabetes. Your article says email is the best way to contact GV. I have searched far and wide trying to find an email address to contact GV, with no luck. I even called them and all I got was a recording. I finally resorted to snail mail. If you know an email address I can use I sure would appreciate it if you would share it with me.


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