Twitter Adobe AIR Application TweetDeck Raises $300,000

TweetDeck, an application built for aggregating content spread on Twitter and status updates on Facebook built on Adobe AIR has raised $300,000 in funding led by Betaworks. TweetDeck was founded by Iain Dodsworth.

Basically TweetDeck takes all of the information contained in Twitter and places them into manageable columns. For example, you can have a column that displays all the tweets your friends recently sent out, replies that you were tagged in, and direct messages you have received. You can also organize your Twitter contacts into groups using the software.

Most recently the software added a support for Facebook. You can directly update your status on Facebook using Tweetdeck and monitor a column of all the status updates that your friends have sent out. Currently TweetDeck is offered as a free download, but a Pro version may be created down the line.

Yesterday Betaworks announced that they have raised $2 million for Part of’s growth is responsible by the automatic shortening URL feature built into TweetDeck.

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Twitter Adobe AIR Application TweetDeck Raises $300,000 Comments

  1. Copy Craft says:

    After fooling around with several different Twitter aps I finally decided to go wtih TweetDeck. Overall it is the better of the current applications but it needs major upgrades and development on the GUI side of things. It would also be nice for TweetDeck to allow for multiple accounts to be logged in at the same time. Despite the negatives TweetDeck remains the best.

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Yeah I use TweetDeck on a daily basis now. I never really have any reason to go to the Twitter homepage anymore except when I want to change my wallpaper or profile picture.

  3. David Bigelow says:

    Uh Oh… Looks like someone needed to put food on the table… FREE is not a business model…

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