Designer Oliver Beckert Connects Aquarium To Toilet

Oliver Beckert has designed several very random modern art household products. One of the products that Beckert created is very unique. It is a fishtank that is connected to the toilet. The fish tank fits on American Standard toilet bowls and there is custom bowl installation. The size of the product is 3/8″ acrylic tank with 1.6 gpf. The actual size of the tank is 22″x14″x9″ deep. Nothing like taking a tinkle while a bunch of fish watch you.

To buy the product, you have to email Beckert directly: obeckert [[at]]


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Designer Oliver Beckert Connects Aquarium To Toilet Comments

  1. aquariums geek says:

    Just love tropical fish keeping – marines for me.
    I have a coral reef of my own, a Red Sea 250 Max

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