Suing Jon Engle For Copyright Infringement Over His Own Images

Jon Engle recently published a story about a ridiculous situation that he is in.  Engle is a freelancing designer who created images for his church before landing a gig with Bill Gordon & Associates.  After working there, he formed a company called Relevant Studio.  Since 2002, Engle has also been able to find work through freelance websites such as,, and

Engle’s first big client was Warner Brothers TV.  He worked on images for Smallville’s launch.  After that Engle did work for Alias, CSI, and Lost.

Recently a friend of Engle’s told him that he was the subject of a discussion on  Engle was actually banned from the website because he was being investigated for copyright infringement.  One of the logos that Engle was being accused of stealing was being reported by a client of

I was first contacted by a stock art site in July of last year. They hit me with a bill for a whopping $18,000! I had an account with the site. Years ago I purchased an illustration of a chef’s hat for a client’s project. So, I thought this was some accounting mistake. Nope. This was a bill for new images. Very familiar images. They were images from several of my logos; 65 of them in fact. That breaks down to about $275 per image. They actually wanted me to pay them $275 for each one of MY images!

Where did get these numbers from? The logos that Engle created for LogoPond got lifted and posted them for sale on After that hired a law firm that specializes in copyright infringement. The attorney asked for $18,000 and Engle refused to pay for it.

The law firm that StockArt not only asked for $18,000 but also contacted Engle’s clients telling them that he is being investigated for copyright infringement.

Now Engle is trying to figure out what to do from here whether it is looking up the timestamps for the logos uploaded on LogoPond or looking at the meta data in the source files.


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  1. Sara says:

    Your are kiddiding me right? If Jon Engle is correct on this then why wouldn’t he just handle it through the judicial system and then it’s over!! If anybody has any knowledge on what is truth in a God -loving way they know that there is no right way to do a wrong thing and that “evil never wins”. What facts does Jon have??
    Does he have copyright on all the images he claims are his or is he just taking advantage of his rights?
    Don’t you think that has all of the information to back up their claim and how many claims have they made before on stolen art that were successfull and righfully so?
    Let’s see the facts first before we make a conclussion. And how long has been in business anyway?
    Don’t you think they would know that if you falsely accuse someone that it will only harm them in the end?

  2. Richard E. Askew says:

    Dear Respected Design Community,

    I have been fighting for artists rights for over 11 years to the point where
    it has devastated both my business and the livelihoods of my artist alliance
    . I’m guessing we only license 1 image these days to every 50 which are
    stolen and profited from. I personally have uncovered over 500 for- profit
    companies whom have stolen over 8,000 images from my artists!!!! I can not
    expose this story to the point which will soon be shared, but please know
    one thing about this irony! I have fought this matter with my own personal
    investments to a point of bankruptcy. I love my artists and their right to
    earn money from their unique, artistic, intellectual property! If anyone is
    interested in the entire story of my experience, please contact me
    personally at

    I do want to personally thank you for your concern. I understand your
    concern! is proud to advocate and represent the copyrights and
    works of the many award-winning and talented artists who have provided their
    work to for rights managed licensing for over a decade. The
    works which are of concern to and Mr. Engle include, and are
    not limited to, the works of:

    Patricia Dalbey
    Image #PD1P0138 (Stoplight Image)
    Image #PD1A0213 (Chef Hat Image)
    Image #PD1A0087 (Grape Image)

    Phill Bliss
    Image PB#2A0244 (Sun and Moon Image)

    Cindy Lindgren
    Image #CL1A0083 (Feather Image)
    Image #CL1X0181 (Feather Pen Image)
    Image #CL1A0102 (Peapod Image)
    Image #CL1X0216 (Hand Image)

    Scott Greer
    Image #SG1A0094 (Shoe Image)
    =0 A

    Dave Winter
    Image #DW0V0054 (Sombrero Image)

    Larry Milam
    Image #LM1A0041 (Rose Image)
    Image #LM1A0043 (Mountain Image)
    Image #LM1A0434 (Plate Image)

    Mary Ross
    Image #MR4P0041 (Star Image)
    A 0
    Rita Lascaro
    Image #RL1A0061 (Rope Image)

    Robert L. Prince
    Image #RP0X0123 (Coffee Cup Image)

    Peter Buttecali
    Image #PB1A0004 (Rooster Image)
    Image #PB1A0030 (Skunk Image)
    Image #PB1A0034 (Lioness Image)
    Image #PB1A0080 (Truck Image)
    Image #PB1X0231 (Horse Image)
    Image #PB1X0337 (Door Image)
    Image #PB1X0346 (Building Image)
    Image #PB1X0535 (Crown Image)
    Image #PB1X0536 (Crown Image 2)
    Image #PB1X0614 (Mountain Image)
    Image #PB1X0714 (Mountain Image 2)

    Michael Rowley
    Image #MR1X0058 (Cow Image)
    Image #MR1V0088 (King Image)
    Image #MR1X0168 (Jester Image) 20
    Image #MR1X0189 (Donkey Image)
    Image #MR1V0219 (Jester Image- Color)
    Image #MR10227 (Waiter Image)
    Image #MR1X0257 (Cat and Dog Image)

    Elizabeth Burrill
    Image #EB1X0079 (Pig Image)

    Paul Dolan
    Image #PD0A0046 (Stork Image)
    Image #PD0A0145 (Snake Image) intends to use an appropriate “legal” forum to resolve’s concerns about the above and many other works; one which will
    allow to explain why claims rights in the many
    images which these artists have provided to, one which affords
    dignity to the artists whose work represents; one which will
    treat Mr. Engle with dignity and respect; one which will give Mr. Engle an
    opportunity explain why he believes he has authorship or copyrights in the
    many images with which is concerned.


    Richard E. Askew, Principal/Founder, LLC

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