GM and Segway Partner On P.U.M.A. Car Project

Segway and GM are partnering on a project called the P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility). The P.U.M.A. is basically a two-person Segway that is made for city driving only since it tops at 35MPH and has about a 35-mile range on lithium ion batteries. Currently the P.U.M.A. is in prototype stages so the picture above does not look impressive at all. It is not weather-friendly yet. Between Segway and GM, they hope to roll this dinky car into production by 2012. Check out a video demo of it below:

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GM and Segway Partner On P.U.M.A. Car Project Comments

  1. Mo Kakwan says:

    Segway makes you look like a giant douche. I was like NO WAY are they going to design a douche mobile again. And there it is… douche mobile 2. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously in that? What’s the point of balancing on two wheels too? Why not just make it a tricycle?

  2. SharkGirl says:

    I think it’s kind of neat, but I wouldn’t feel safe in it. I doubt it’s going to be cheap. I’d have to make it look sportier, though, and then I think I’d compare it to a Scooter.

    It’s raining. You’re wearing a business dress. You need to get to a meeting….scooter or the PUMA…yeah..easy choice. I’ve seen women riding to work on scooters and if they knew what they looked like, they would be driving a PUMA instead.

  3. Tom Medsker says:

    I ride a bicycle when the weather is nice. I think the PUMA is really cool. I want one.

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