Facebook Opening A New York Office

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an announcement that he is in talks with Facebook about opening an office in the Big Apple. Facebook already has a secret office on 5th Avenue at 45th Street, but they plan to expand further. Facebook is basically interested in advertising and sales opportunities in New York.

“This is the business capital of the world and Facebook is one of those advertiser-supported services,” stated the Mayor. “The last time I checked they had over two hundred million users. It’s a phenomenally successful service and I’m just thrilled that they want to have a New York office.”

[via Observer]

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Facebook Opening A New York Office Comments

  1. Peaches says:

    Yes I have a problem with face book surely you can put someone there to speak to Because I live in Quebec you think I speak French please do not put my face book with any french I think we should have a choice I can not speak french and that is it
    I only live here because I married a Quebec person and that is it no other reason
    if anythng happens to him then I will move out simple Quebec is a hard place to live half the time there laws follow under neopleon laws and if you going to have face book then you should have it no one assuems because a person lives in Quebec we speak french I from British Columbia and I have been trying to find my family I have names but have no luck to contect surely there is away but techs think everyone is computer smart but there are our dummies like me so for a senior trying to keep in touch with family please make it simple love you Peaches P. A Newman

  2. Brian says:

    Peaches, if you look at the bottom of your Facebook page you’ll see a link that says “Français (Canada)”, click on that and change your language to English. If you ever need any other help go to http://www.facebook.com/help.php

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