Conficker Could Still Hack Into 1 Out Of Every 5 Windows PCs

Before April 1st, the media went on to announce that on April 1st, the Conficker worm would begin to spread.  It is took the form of a 6 month old Windows bug and about out of every 5 computers lack the ability to patch the virus.  The name of the vulnerability is MS08-067.

“The whole thing about April 1 was a good thing,” stated Qualys’ CTO Wolfgang Kandek. “Before [April 1], the number of machines still vulnerable to MS08-067 was probably comparable to other Microsoft vulnerabilities. Now it’s better than average.”  The number of vulnerable PCs were about 40% before April 1, now it is 20%.

Earlier this week, the University of Utah announced that they were infected by the virus and had to shut down the campus Internet in order to isolate it.

[via ComputerWorld]

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