Domino’s Pizza President Patrick Doyle Responds On YouTube To Disgusting Video

Yesterday I wrote about the video in which two former Domino’s Pizza employees made a disgusting video of them making food. One of the employees put some of the ingredients up his nose and placed it back in the food. The Internet was furious about the video and it spread like wildfire.

Domino’s made the right PR move by personally responding to the video. Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s gave a message about the video above and mentioned that there are felony warrants out for the arrest of the two employees and that individual store in Conover, North Carolina was shut down and sanitized. The company will also be re-examining their hiring practices.

For more information, follow Domino’s Twitter account.

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Domino’s Pizza President Patrick Doyle Responds On YouTube To Disgusting Video Comments

  1. GoldenNuggetLaughlinNevada says:

    hey but it was real…

  2. GoldStrikeHotel says:

    …so it was true

  3. GrandPortageCasino says:

    and the other 500 Domino’s Pizza around the world?

  4. evans says:


    in nov. 2009, from americana 5 motel, in las vegas, nv, i ordered a thin crust pizza with olives from dominos pizza on decatur blvd. when i was eating it & i bit right into a “hard round black object” that looked just like an olive, and it chipped my tooth. they sent someone out to pick up the pizza and object. i talk to manager on duty that night, then i talk to a “marca (head manager)” the next morning. from that time up til now i placed many calls to marca and other store mangers and continued to attempt to make contact with upper management at the regional office. all to no-avail! each time i have got the run-around, and told to contact another person, whom every time gave me the same run-around.

    however, from time-to-time, i did find myself out of touch because some “minor” trouble, which has caused me to be away, unable to resolve this matter [if you know what i mean]. this provided them with some time, but the fact remain… it did happened, i informed them immediately, i talked to several people throughout the dominos franchise, and they still want to give me the run-around. they better be aware.., i refuse to go down without a helleva fight!

    now, i’m taking my fight directly to the media so that the public can get another unfortunate awakening about dominos pizza employees. yes, i’m sure there’s are many dominos employees whom would never do such a thing, but what about the employees that dressed my pizza with this foreign object that had no business on my pizza? then, was the employees who were putting booggers on pizzas. that’s real nasty! i was some what traumatized, mainly because at the time, i was staying in a motel and was forced to eat out. then, i ad no car, so before this incident i ordered out. then, afterwards, believe it or not.., i lost a lot of weight because i was paranoid by who was fixing my food, plus i had to spend additional money when i caught cabs to eat, which provided me with some relief.

    now, i want to conclude this matter a.s.a.p, “without” future courtroom litigation, which i’m ready and able to proceed if we can’t reach an “immediate” settlement satisfying interest of both parties. due to bad publicity that dominos been receiving regarding similar issues; where employees placing foreign objects in pizzas, i’m sure they’d wish to settle this matter out of court and eyes of media/public whom i will begin contacting if no “immediate” resolution.

    let’s get ready to rumble dominos, or I DEMAND that dominos settle up with me–immediately, i’m not greedy!

    if anybody else have complaints on food establishments, we have an obligation to inform thy neighbor. don’t you think so?

    Chipped tooth ex-dominos customer

    i was contacted last by one their excutives, seems like to give me another run-around. he promised he would get this resolved and that i would hear from some at the store i’m complaining on, to no avail. i haven’t heard anything. so i turn to the media again.

    • dabratt42 says:

      I am from Ardmore OK I use to work from Dominos and I Quit because of management.. Sexual Harrasement drinking alchol is going on in the store here,, I have reported it and nothing is gonna happen cause the manager and his supervisor are good friends so i really don’t know what to do can anybody give me advice on this?? Thank you

  5. maxtex54 says:

    dominos pizza still my prefered place to get pizza. It just rocks!

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