Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems For $7.4 Billion; Now Owns MySQL and Java

After IBM recently backed out of making a deal with Sun, Oracle stepped up to the plate and bought out the Java-making company for an astonishing $7.4 billion.  IBM’s offer was about $6.5 billion.

This will give Oracle the opportunity to become even more competitive against IT firms such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SAP, etc.  Sun also holds the assets to two of the most impressive pieces of software Java and MySQL.

Sun Microsystems bought MySQL for $1 billion in January 2008.

“To me, this proposed acquisition totally redefines the industry,” wrote Sun President and CEO Jonathan I. Schwartz in an e-mail to Sun employees.  “Let me assure you [Oracle is] single minded in [its] focus on the one asset that doesn’t appear in our financial statements: our people.”

Oracle will be paying $9.50 per share for common stock in Sun, but the agreement is subject to the Justice Department’s approval.   Sun was founded by Vinod Khosla, Andy Bechtolsheim, and Scott McNealy. Oracle was co-founded by Lawrence (Larry) Ellison.

“Java is the single most important software we’ve ever acquired,” stated Ellison in a conference call. “With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle is now able to make all of the pieces of the technology stack fit together and work well.”

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Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems For $7.4 Billion; Now Owns MySQL and Java Comments

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    A survey conducted by Citigroup amongst major institutional investors provided the following insight on todays markets:

    The favored sector is Tech and this sector has held the top position over the last 12 months. Growth stocks are also a hot item of late, the market sees the economy in a more positive view for the second half of the year and this should bode well for growth stocks. An additional upside of 6% is expected from current market levels to the end of the year. The majority of this optimism is due to the market rally since March, investors believe the market has bottomed. Regardless of the expected drop (approximately 20%) in earnings this year, a common consensus is the rebound in 2010 will be in the double digits. I’m certain Oracle has this information in mind prior to its acquisition.

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    Scott drove Sun to ruins with his blowhard attitide, just like daddy did in Automotive. Good-bye and not a moment too soon.

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