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The White House is tweeting again!  Just a couple of days after the White House launched a Flickr photostream, the President and the White House staff will be tweeting out transparent messages about what the government is up to.  A MySpace White House profile has been launched too.

Before President Barack Obama took office, he was using a different Twitter account and had only updated it twice since taking the presidency on January 20.  Now the White House is in the process of migrating his old tweets to the new account.  The old Twitter account launched by the Bush administration has been disabled.

Why was it removed?  Most likely for consistency purposes.  The whitehouse user name is all used on MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr by Obama’s administration.

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President To Start Tweeting From Comments

  1. Sue Calloway says:

    Mr. President,
    #1- Our digital tv reception absolutely stinks. We have reception @ 20% of the time. We live in a rural area, but have always received satisfactorily with our antenna until the mandated conversion to digital tv. There are periods, evidently unrelated to weather, when the audio and video go out completely and we are doomed to watch a little box skipping around the screen. We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the June date when the transformation to digital from analogue is complete and we hopefully will experience some relief. We have “annoyed” several authorities during the past four months, but to no avail. Surely, with the multitude of technological minds that we have in our great country, something can be done.

    #2- We are the most revered nation upon the face of the earth. Realizing that I am just a mere individual citizen of our country, I yet venture to climb out on a limb and suggest that our first lady wear apparel to cover her knees. After all, she represents us and should exemplify dignity and sophistication. Thank you.

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