Classifieds Website OLX Raises $5 Million

OLX is a free classifieds website that is a privately held company that was started in March 2006.  Earlier this month the company raised $5 million in funding from Nexus Capital India.

In April 2008, the company raised $13.5 million in Series B funding from General Catalyst Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, the Founders Fund, and DN Capital.  The Series A funding was $10 million by the same investors and other angels.  This brings their total funding at $28.5 million.

OLX is not as popular as Craigslist as of right now, but the company is growing in South America, India, China, and the Philippines. This round of funding will be used for additional acquisitions, global expansion, website improvements, and aggressive marketing.

The online classifieds market is really heating up as OLX has raised funding and eBay plans to acquire more companies in this sector in the near future.

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Classifieds Website OLX Raises $5 Million Comments

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    Personally, I really like the features on compared to any of them. And this just isn’t to plug the site, it really is superior in features and interactive intelligence

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