Lockheed Martin and Gibbs Working On Amphibious Combat Craft

combat-craft-1Gibbs Technologies and Lockheed Martin are working on a new type of military vehicle that will work on both land and water.  This is why they named it the Amphibious Combat Craft.  On water the vehicle will be able to travel at 45MPH and on land it could travel at 100MPH.

The vehicles will come in three models:
1. The Amphibious Combat Craft Expeditionary (ACC-E) is a 20 foot sized vehicle with capabilities to go up to 45MPH on water and 80MPH on land. (8 occupants)
2. The Amphibious Combat Craft Expeditionary (ACC-R) is a 35 foot sized vehicle with capabilities to go up to 40MPH on water. (20 occupants)
3. The Terraquad is capable of over 55MPH on water and 50MPH on land. (2 occupants)

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Lockheed Martin and Gibbs Working On Amphibious Combat Craft Comments

  1. el dusto says:

    Russians did it! no, not quite. but really, what’s the purpose of this? ever hear of a hovercraft? cost-to-benefit analysis? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRDM

  2. Anabella Rodriguez says:

    I came across this when searching info on Google. I will use it to complete my report for this weekend, thanks for the info.

  3. annergyCaria says:

    Hi, discriminative posts there :-) hold responsible’s for the compelling dirt

  4. Cyclonus says:

    Look s great I’ll take 2.

  5. critic says:

    Great idea, looks “cool”, if performs as they say a huge plus to the troops. Therefor, they won't make it.

  6. rodeogirl303 says:

    The vehicle seems to be a good idea, however, i have not seen the vehicle actually perform in a combat setting or environment so i can not make a good judgement on the new product being presented.

  7. moderncake66 says:

    That's pretty sweet. I kinda agree with the people who are talking about the cost to benifit ratio, and it compared to that of a hovercraft. So, as much as I think this is cool, a hovercraft works just as well, and sometimes we get so into the abilites, we forget about protecting the troops. I don't really know about this one. It's pretty friggen sweet though!

  8. Soldier US Army says:

    LOOKS nice but the Marines have a tracked amphib and the Navy Has the LCat but the thing I am wondering is simple PROTECTION! it wont mean a darn thing about 20 men on the ground per craft if they can get an RPG-7 hit and all are lost……its sad but the truth lies in a simple fact… ASK THOSE ON THE GROUND WHAT THEY NEED and MAKE IT HAPPEN dont listen to the politicians that are safe at home and have not had a round fired at them and seen their brothers and sisters in arms die around them plain and simple. IF this thing works (which I doubt) then great but I wont hold my breath any. What we really need is better protection on our troops and CURRENT vehicles in service NOW not 20+ years from now

  9. Ancient Weapons says:

    Looks like a pipe dream, not combat effective. Perhaps the little two seater could be used as a scout but I don't see the point in putting 20 soldiers in a vehicle that can be taken out by one weapon… not enough armor.

  10. lurker says:

    special ops? drive ashore, hit target, drive to pickup point, get a helo to pick up car and home for dinner

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