NEC CRV43 Curved Widescreen To Be Available In July For About $8,000


NEC Display Solutions of America has announced that the 43″ CRV43 widescreen display will become available in July.  The price of the display is expected to be roughly $7,999.  The display has a 32:10 aspect ratio and 2,880×900 native pixel resolution.  The CRV43 uses a Digital Light Processing (DLP) where 4 engines create a single image on the screen.  The brightness rating is 200 nits and there is a .02 millisecond response rate.  The contrast ratio is 10,000:1 and there is a 12-bit dynamic range.  The display has four USB 2.0 ports and there are single-links for a DVI-D and HDMI port.  The measurement of the screen is 41.5×20.8×15.2 inches.  The display weighs 45.5 lbs. and there is a three year warranty on all parts and labor, including the backlight.  Sure the price is steep for some people, but the way that other people see it: there isn’t a price too high for having the best monitor of its kind.

[via MacWorld]

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