Craigslist Expected To Hit $100 Million In Revenue

Classified advertising company Craigslist is expected to hit $100 million in revenue later this year according to a study by the Classified Intelligence Report made by the AIM Group.  The AIM Group counted the number of paid ads on the website and determined the projections based on the rates.  The projections were conservative too.

“We are a privately held company and never comment on guesses of our revenue. Nor have we ever commented on any number bandied around in the past,” stated Craigslist spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best.  The AIM Group did not estimate the profits, but it is believed to be quite substantial.  Craigslist just has 30 employees.

Craigslist makes a majority of their revenues from charging for classified ads in 18 major cities.  The classifieds ads in the other 570 cities are free. In New York, Craigslist charges real estate brokers $10 per listing.  Erotic service listings also have a cost too.

[via NYT]

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    I don’t post too much, but this was definitely worth reading. Craigslist never ceases to amaze me. Some site I read had a post about a guy who was going to buy a car for his gf, and he found a car ad with stuff about Hitler in it… Very odd. Craigslist never fails to deliver on the strange goods.

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