Orange Develops High-Tech Tent Concept

Telecommunications company Orange has created what they believe could be the “tent of the future.”  The concept Glastonbury Solar tent uses photovoltaic fabric, glo-cation technology, a wireless control hub, and groundsheet heat.  This concept tent was built with help of American design firm Kaleidoscope.

The photovoltaic fabric uses solar energy to produce energy for powering gadgets plugged in to the tent, allowing wireless Internet to work, and powering a flexible LCD screen.

Glo-cation technology of the tent gives campers the ability to identify their tents using mobile phones, SMS messages, or RFID. Sending the tent an SMS message, a phone calls, or some sort of RFID notification would trigger it to glow, identifying it from a distance.

A wireless hub on the LCD screen displays how much energy is generated and consumed.  The hub displays the wireless Internet signal strength.  And the hub has the ability to charge up your mobile devices.  The heating of the tent is controlled by the hub.  The groundsheet gets heated automatically once the interior temperature falls to a certain limit.

This tent makes the term “roughing it” while camping no longer apply.  I really do hope that this does become the tent of the future and become available for sale.  I know I’d buy it and want to go camping a lot more.

[via Gizmodo/Orange PR]

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Orange Develops High-Tech Tent Concept Comments

  1. Luigi Corelli says:

    Test it on Mount McKinley and then let us know if it works.

  2. Spreadsheet Ninja says:

    Not only does this equal NON portability, it’s not practical in any way. There is no way this in it’s current state will ever be portable enough as a real tent. This is more like a “vehicular portable shelter” similar to those pop-up shelters people towed behind their cars in the 80s.

  3. country girl says:

    I agree with the comments above. While the tent does seem kind of cool, it doesn’t at all seem practical. And when I go camping (because I am a true camper), I do it to GET AWAY from all that technology. While I do like to have some comforts of home (shelter, at least some-what comfortable place to lie day, a way to cook food, etc.), I go camping so that I can get more in touch with nature. How’s this tent going to do that?

  4. zanth says:

    That’s not the reason to go camping, you go camping to get away from everything. and that is what true camping is to leave it all behind.

  5. Sean says:

    To much technology for camping! Camping is all about getting away and keeping it simple . . .

  6. Spuffler says:

    What they said!

    Talk about missing the point…

    Someone put these people into a Glo-locating wireless chastity belt with geothermal heating. Lots of heating.

  7. Burb says:

    I agree with everyone so far, way to ruin camping, SCIENCE!!

  8. Airitech says:

    All true: sort of! If you work in the bush for extended periods like I do ( and I like the roughing it part too) but after 3 months of wet canvas and plastic humidity a small luxury like this tent would be awesome! Sign me up! IO want one!

  9. Chuck says:

    1. Hook up a Bug Zapper.
    2. Hook up a Snake Zapper.
    3. Hook up a Bear Zapper.
    4. Make it weigh 37 Oz or less, and pack into a 1/4 cubic foot stuff sack.
    5. Price it around 300 or 300 bucks.
    6 Or else… go back to the drawing boards.

  10. Chuck says:

    200 or 300 Dollars.
    My bad.

  11. joerobba says:

    what a bunch of pretentious out door wannabe bitches!

  12. Slade says:

    Not camping this thing has more crap than my house almost. would not be a camping trip. stupid idea waste of money except for some rich person who doesnt need to be camping anyway. total waste

  13. tron says:

    One word: hailstorm!

  14. Howdy says: Yeah! Hardly anything at all high tech about camping equipment. It’s all palm fronds and limbs for shelter, flints and tomahawks for fire, dried leaves for a bed, dried bison for dinner.

  15. David says:

    You guys (slade, sean, country girl, ninja) are so pretentious and rich! You don’t need a TENT for camping, it’s all about making your own shelter. TRUE campers don’t even think about bringing food with you, find your own. Flashlights are way too high tech. If you wanna be warm, build a fire in your cave, right?

    I for one wouldn’t really need the whole wireless stuff, but a tent with solar panels for light, heating, and maybe even cooking or something sounds pretty awesome, and a whole lot more environmentally friendly than heating by fossil fuels (i.e. gas or something), batteries for a flashlight, etc.

    Unless you’re really tough enough that you wanna go out there with nothing but your own skin (and just forget about driving out to wherever you’re camping in a CAR…) you can’t fault camping gear for being high tech, it always has been.

  16. David says:

    If you actually gave a shit about preserving the nature you wanna go “be one with” (like anyone with an internet connection even knows the meaning of that) then something like this is totally the way to go.

  17. eric says:

    Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of camping? Ignorant.

  18. tron says:

    I can’t tell whether David (above) under-thought or over-thought that response, but whatever the case, it came to the defense of his emotions rather than any logic.

  19. Aussie_Sheila says:

    That’s a really cool concept! Would be cool if that tent was affordable!

  20. Judge says:

    Too heavy to back pack with, too expensive to leave at a festival when you go to the stage or at the KOA while you visit local stuff, not sturdy enough to withstand the elements (rock fall or hail). This only has very specialized uses and would cost a lot for minimal uses.

    Honestly, not in my future of camping.

  21. Aaron says:

    Coming from a guy who only uses a bivy if the weather forces me to i still think this is a really cool idea for people who work in the field such as sociologists who might be studying a tribe for a sustained period of time. If they can make it light enough for me to keep my pack under 40lbs and cheap enough i’d invest in it just for the gadget factor.

  22. Keith says:

    This is for people who cannot afford an RV or the gasoline.

  23. rwa66 says:

    Ok, if no one wants it, send it to me :P

  24. bob says:

    Camping is whatever the person wants it to be, its their vacation, their time, if they want to bring technology, why the hell should you care? its about relaxing and having fun, and if people need a laptop to pull that off to keep from going be it.

  25. Science+ says:

    This would be brilliant to take on research trips. I can see easily how it would fold up. See it for what it is not what you WANT!

  26. william B says:

    ruins and has nothing with the camping experience.

  27. camp freak says:

    I agree with BOB. Campin is whatever you want it to be, I myself like to go with just a tent and wood but occasionally bring a laptop out with me for a scary movie or something to get the chick a little closer so in that aspect i must say this is a great idea, but then again i cant seein it being to useful for anykind of climbing or hiking camping where away from the tent for a while, 1 id b scared my tent was gone and 2 the elements would destroy this thing(rockfall, hail, or even icestorms could crack the solar panels) so if your campin on the beach or next to a lake or river in a decent season I would totally go for it,(if practically priced) otherwise stick to what u like and what works for you

  28. camp freak says:

    the glowing feature via text is brilliant, ive been in the position where hiking and getting my bearings screwed and winded up being a couple hundred yards from my site and didnt know it till i saw a fire from my site

  29. Small Heart Girl says:

    This sounds wonderful. I mean, I get what people are saying about the portability thing but if I was going to get one of these, I wouldn’t be using it for camping, I’d be living in it! So portability really wouldn’t be a big deal. Someone send me a message when these things are available for sale!!!

  30. Idaho Falls says:

    Great Idea!!! Need a store here in Idaho Falls that carries one of these. I can see how popular this will be.

  31. slartiblartfarst says:

    Anyone who thinks this “technoTent” is a good idea has definately been watching too many tv tech programs whilst not actually doing any camping at all The graduates orange hired to create this joke of a concept must have been born yesterday to think that this is a workable solution to anything
    I would like to know how they intend to disassemble this for transportation
    plus it looks so fragile that just sneezing inside is likely to break it beyond repair.
    Proberbly the best thing you could use it for would be as a set for one of those witty orange commercials at the cinema come to think of it Its Glastonbury this weekend and its raining torrentially Hmm Go Figure!

  32. justwentcamping says:

    Obviously this is not camping. I mean, camping is about strapping a synthetically fabricated shelter with plastic and metal poles to a synthetically fabricated and ergonomically correct pack and “getting away from it all”. So basically you all are saying that the only important thing about camping is no electricity. This thing is perfect. No more batteries for flashlights. You can pack a smaller and lighter sleeping bag. Remember, what you call camping today would be considered very high tech to someone just 30 years ago. Camping = spending time off the beaten path doing what YOU want to do.

  33. lovejahlive says:

    Actually, the ability to locate your tent when you’re trippin’ your ass off at Bonnaroo might come in handy. Does this thing have OnStar too?

  34. Tom says:

    Bob and Science+ got it right. The company did not call it a backpacking tent. This has its place. Most people camp in camp grounds within 25 feet of their car, so portability usually is not that much of a concern. As some people start using this type of technology it is going to be improved and the price and weight will come down over time. As for the people worried about this standing up to a rockfall, I don’t want to be in any tent in the way of a rockfall.

  35. TheBigReal says:

    To all those claiming to be “true campers”: here is the “true” definition of

    ??/?kæmp?r/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kam-per] Show IPA
    Use camper in a Sentence
    1. a person who camps out for recreation, esp. in the wilderness.
    2. a person who attends a summer camp or day camp.
    3. Also called pickup camper, truck camper. a trucklike vehicle, van, or trailer that is fitted or suitable for recreational camping, or a pickup truck on which a structure fitted for camping is mounted.
    –verb (used without object)
    4. to travel and live in a vehicular camper: We’re going to camper for two weeks during our vacation.

  36. Brendan Innis says:

    lol @ angry campers.

    this tent obviously isn’t targeted at you. stfu.

  37. sir jorge says:

    that sort of defeats the purpose of roughing it

  38. Hazard says:

    Heh. You guys are comedy gold. I’m a certified Maine Guide, and I would personally buy this and use it frequently. The weight doesn’t mean a whole lot when you camp from a kayak, and this would allow me a lot of new and interesting ways to promote one of my favorite sports. Being able to set up a web cam to show potential clients where I’m camping is huge. I’m perfectly capable of walking off into the woods with a knife and surviving, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only kind of person who is a “true” camper. In fact, fuck anybody who claims that their way is the only “true” way to do anything.

  39. jeff says:

    hazard is right. you lame-oes are bogus.

  40. Paco says:

    This tent is not intended for outdoor camping, maybe you people didn’t research enough before posting your comments. The tent was developed by Orange and the Glastonbury committee, after eleven years of working together. It is meant to be used in music and cultural festivals in which people often get lost and have the need of communicating with their friends and locating their tent. Apart from all that as hazard says, if it works outdoors, then it would kick all your tents asses.

  41. Barefoot Handyman says:

    This is definitely NOT a backpacking tent but would sure come in handy and music festivals and the like! I like it! Happy 4th of July!

  42. Forreal says:

    You people crack me up.

    There are two types of camping and this is for the laid-back, park your car and unload your crap, and drink all weekend camping. This isn’t designed to backpack, or to climb mountains, etc. So quit acting like your all that because you “rough it”. Obviously there is a market for this sort of thing.. look at how many ppl have RV’s with cable TV and A/C…

    I think its a great idea.

  43. Rich says:

    While doing extended landscape & nature photo shoots I’d use this as I drive from location to location. Pricing please?

  44. Jammy says:

    Want one
    Is it big enough for my inflateble double bed and in flatable armchair?

  45. Rich says:

    Is this not for sale?

  46. Jeremy says:

    Ever hear of finding a cheaper way to travel and having the luxury you want? That is what the tent does you dolts. Find its missing the point for your way of camping. There are other people who want to experience travel and have amenities while doing it. It is a connected world get used to it and stop walking around with your head down

  47. nothanks says:

    Camping is vacationing for the poor.

    I doooo not understand why you plebs even leave your domiciles. By sleeping outdoors, does your mobile home become more like a true residence? I deplore whatever psychological conditioning your mind requires to accept the reality you must face everyday. You are less, therefore you must consume less, and do less – so you believe you are more, than you are less. More of less.

    Just kidding.

    If that tent works as advertised, sign me up, I live in Canada, it gets cold in spring and autumn – and no one wants to be on fire duty all damned night.

  48. Peace says:

    Talk about a tent for Burning Man! When this baby comes out the number of Burners will double.

  49. Mark says:

    When camping in most places, cell phone service is not available. Useless. Great for spoiled brat backyard camping.

  50. Matt says:

    Has anyone considered that this is PERFECT for kids who want to have a camp out in the backyard? Hell, they can stay out there all day as far as I'm concerned!! lol

  51. Alex says:

    Lose the wi-fi radiation, LCD, the RFID craziness (if you can't recognize the tent where you left it…) and you have a great starter to get people outside. That is what I understand camping to be good for, enjoying time in nature. If this will take you there, so be it. It's just a concept, things will change. I am thankful i did not have a canvas tent when it rained last time I was out, my back is grateful for thermarests and my stomach is not complaining because I used a Brunton Raptor with PIezo ignition. And fellas… neither is my girlfriend!

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