Jockipedia: A Database Of Athlete Social Media


Jockipedia is a new website started by Douglas Warshaw that focuses on one-on-one communication with athletes.  Every day there are more and more athletes launching personal websites, Facebook fan pages, and tweeting personal messages but it is hard to find out which athletes are active in social media.  Warshaw, a former sports news producer aims to resolve that problem through Jockipedia.

Currently there are over 3,000 athletes listed in Jockipedia’s database.  On the homepage of Jockipedia, the athlete’s information can be fileted by the league, sport, and country.  Warshaw claims that his website could mine the websites of players even faster than Google or other search engines.  “We’re going to have every athlete in the world,” stated Warshaw in an interview with The New York Times.

Jockipedia is quite similar to Chickipedia, a database that contains the photos, videos, and even body measurements of famous actresses and female celebrities.

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