Where The Heck Is TomTom For The iPhone?


ALL of the iPhone’s current GPS offerings suck. AT&T Navigator is absolutely not worth $10 a month. Gokivo’s real time navigation app suffers from the same issues as AT&T Navigator. It also costs $10 a month and does not come close to competing with a dedicated GPS unit. Both of them do not store maps locally. They download maps as you drive.

Navigon has released a pretty nice GPS app for the European market. Its maps are downloaded to your phone and no monthly plan or data network connection is required. The company says that a US version will come out soon but don’t hold your breath. There is also G-Map by XRoad. G-Map is currently under $40.00 and does not require a monthly plan. It also downloads all maps¬† to your phone when installed. The G-Map app suffers from incomplete map data and bad routing directions.

TomTom on the other hand has not said anything about the release of their GPS iPhone application. They made a lot of noise about the product at WWDC last June. They generated high anticipation. But left everyone hanging. From time to time, a news report or blog post comes out saying the app is on the way. But we hear nothing official from TomTom.

All of the current GPS solutions on the iPhone suck. So TomTom still has a chance to win the category over. That is if they ever release their application.

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  1. TC says:

    I totally agree regarding TomTom. Their silence is damning. If they do not at least make an announcement by August 15th, I will probably buy the Navigon app before the introductory price expires. If I plunk down $69 for the Navigon app it is unlikely that I will spend further for TomTom’s app, even if it is legitimately better.

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