and University of Michigan Partnering In Reprint Agreement


The University of Michigan (U of M) and is partnering on making books no longer in copyright available for purchase as reprints.  The agreement was made between U of M and subsidiary BookSurge.

The original books are contained within the U of M Library.  “This agreement means that titles that have been generally unavailable for a century or more will be able to go back into print, one copy at a time,” stated U of M librarian and dean of libraries Paul N. Courant.

The reprint program includes books that have been digitized by the U of M book scanning partnership with Google.  Over 400,000 books across 200 languages have been scanned so far.  U of M will be setting the prices of the reprints and the university will be sharing revenue with BookSurge.

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  1. Marilyn Sollars says:

    I am extremely interested in purchasing the nursing book by Florence Nightingale, “Notes on Nursing”. Please tell me how to go about getting this book.

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