Apple iTunes 9 Rumored To Include Blu-Ray Support and App Organization

BoyGeniusReport heard a rumor that iTunes 9 will have some cool new features.  For starters there will be Blu-ray support.  iTunes 9 will supposedly have the ability to organize and arrange applications for your iPhone and iPod Touch.  There is also supposedly going to be some sort of social network integration.

I believe it is inevitable that Apple will add Blu-Ray support to iTunes.  Why?  Because Apple is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association consortium Board of Directors.  Apple could really use work when it comes to arranging applications.  As a matter of fact when I download applications on the phone and try to sync it with iTunes, there is a lot of struggling.

Currently there are about 2500 Blu-Ray titles available for purchase in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.  Australia has about 1000 and the U.K. has about 1500.

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