Nintendo Ocarina/Flute Selling On eBay For About $2,000

An official Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Time Flute that “only became available in Japan through a magazine mail order and were immediately sold out — limited to only 1000 in the world” is selling on eBay for about $1,995.  The Legend of Zelda Ocarina/Flute by Nintendo was released around 1998.

To play The Legend of Zelda theme on the Flute/Ocarina, there is a music sheet.  The Ocarina/Flute will be shipped in ultra protective packaging.  The music sheet for The Legend of Zelda is in Japanese, but there are English music sheets available around the web.

[via TechEBlog]

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Nintendo Ocarina/Flute Selling On eBay For About $2,000 Comments

  1. yoga chris says:

    well, i now have 2 of these Ocarinas… So much better because it’s like having a second controller and makes it a 2 player game…
    enjoyment is best when shared.

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