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Yahoo! Buys OMG.com Domain Name For $80,000

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has bought the domain name OMG.com for $80,000.  This is not a bad price considering that Yahoo!’s OMG service generates a good amount of traffic.  Yahoo! OMG receives more traffic than Yahoo! Autos, the Yahoo! Messenger website, Yahoo! Music, and Yahoo! Maps.

My guess is that they will just forward OMG.com to OMG.Yahoo.com.  Tweens generally write “OMG” as a statement that they’re shocked.  Its shorthand for “Oh My God!”

Even when Yahoo! shuts down services, they try to cash out on the domain names that they own too.  For example, Yahoo! sold Contests.com for $380,000 at a domain name auction in D.C.  Yahoo! attained the domain name Contests.com after they bought out Mark Cuban’s company Broadcast.com.  The buyer of Contests.com was National A-1 Advertising.

[via Domain Name Wire]

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Yahoo! Buys OMG.com Domain Name For $80,000 Comments

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