Samsung Instinct HD Pops Up On Best Buy Website


Samsung Electronics Inc.’s Instinct HD mobile handset was spotted by the Best Buy website.  The specs of the Samsung Instinct HD include 5 megapixel camera, HD TV-out, WiFi, and visual voicemail.  The words “Prices effective Sunday, August 23rd – Saturday, September 26th” was written on the Best Buy website indicating when the phone is expected to be released.  The Instinct HD will be a Best Buy retail store exclusive.  Essential Message & Data plan will be required when activating the phone.

[via BGR]

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Samsung Instinct HD Pops Up On Best Buy Website Comments

  1. r4 ds says:

    Smoother interface than orig Instinct. 5MP camera/HD camcorder! Redesign is great. Accelerometer! Wi-Fi connectivity! 4GB microSD card included! Basically most of the features that the iPhone has, but better. AND on a much better network that AT&T.

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