Microsoft Confirms Xbox Price Drops

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has confirmed that they are cutting the prices of the Xbox 360 by about $100 as revealed by the leaked Target circulation ad.  This matches the price drop that the Sony PlayStation 3 made last week.

Both the Xbox 360 Elite and the PlayStation 3 costs $299.  The price drops apply worldwide, but varies based on currencies.  Microsoft currently has 3 versions of the Xbox 360 at three different price points.  The Xbox 360 Pro will eventually be phased out but will cost $249 while supply is available.

The Xbox Arcade, which does not have a hard drive currently costs $199.  The price cuts will be effective by this Friday.  The Nintendo Wii has not announced any price cuts and will stick around the price point of $250.

Over 31.4 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold thus far.  The PlayStation 3 has sold about 23.7 million units, and the Nintendo Wii sold about 52.6 million.

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Microsoft Confirms Xbox Price Drops Comments

  1. Cells says:

    I don’t care WHY they got it right. The point is that they did. And perhaps that factored into the Wiis design. Well, guess what, its the number one system now, so maybe that was a smart move. The thing that bothers me most about Sony is that they PROMISED full back compat from the beginning. Then they changed their minds. Super lame.

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