Adobe Acquires Business Catalyst

Adobe Systems Inc. has bought out Business Catalyst, the company that built an e-commerce software platform called GoodBarry.  Business Catalyst is based partially in America and partially in Australia.  There is not that many details available as there has not been a press release sent out.

GoodBarry said that they will be refocusing their marketing and sales on the web professional markets going forward as opposed to individual DIYers.  GoodBarry will also start selling subscriptions through their partner and reseller network now. The GoodBarry brand itself will be shut down on October 1, 2009.

Everything will be branded as Business Catalyst from now on, including the billing relationship.  Free trials of the software can be made up until October 1st too.

The pricing of the service will not be changed, nor will the management of the company be shifted around.  Tehnical support and updates will continue going forward.

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Adobe Acquires Business Catalyst Comments

  1. Online Sales Manager says:

    Seems like a pretty smart move from Adobe. Easy to scale and very complimentary to the Dreamweaver customer base

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