Casio Announces EXILIM EX-Z280 and EX-Z33

casio-exz280 casio-exz33
Casio has announced two new cameras in their EXILIM line of products. Both of them are quite affordable, at a price of $120 and $180. The $120 camera is the EX-Z33 and the $180 camera is the EX-Z280.

Casio EX-Z280 – $180
– 12.1 megapixel
– Wide-angle 26mm 4X optical zoom lens
– CCD-shift image stabilization
– Face detection
– High-speed image processing CPU
– Shooting 720p

Casio EX-Z33 – $120
– 10.1 megapixel
– 3X optical zoom lens
– 720p
– YouTube 640×480 resolution video
– Colors: black, light pink, dark pink, silver, blue

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