Thread Raises $1.2 Million From Sequoia, Founders Fund, First Round Capital, and Ron Conway

Thread is a dating application on Facebook that suggests potential matches that has just raised a new round of funding.  The company raised $1.2 million from Sequoia Capital, the Founders Fund, First Round Capital, and angel investor Ron Conway.

Thread was founded by several former PayPal product managers.  “The best people to date are friends of friends,” stated Thread CEO Brian Phillips. “Not all the best people are on dating sites. All the best people are on Facebook.”  Phillips recently went on his third date with someone he met on Thread.

Thread pulls in your contact information using Facebook Connect and pulls the public profiles of all your friends.  Through the website, you can find out which friends of your friends are single and ask you mutual friend to introduce you.  Stalking at its finest.

Thread was originally known as Frinto (friend+intro) but decided to change their name.  The domain name was already taken and it took them two years to negotiate a deal over the ownership.  The owner was told that they would receive equity if the business was successful.  If it wasn’t successful, the owner would get the domain name back.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

Thread Raises $1.2 Million From Sequoia, Founders Fund, First Round Capital, and Ron Conway Comments

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