Japan Spending $21 BIllion On Solar Space Satellite To Power Homes On Earth

Environmentalists rejoice! Japan is getting ready to spend $21 billion on a solar power station to put in space.  This solar power station will have enough juice to power 294,000 homes on Earth without the use of cables.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and IGI Corporation are the two companies partnering with the Japanese government on the space initiative.  A solar panel will float around in space and absorb about a gigawatt of energy.  After collecting the energy, it will be beamed back to Earth.  Japan hopes to have it ready within the next 4 years.

“It sounds like a science-fiction cartoon, but solar power generation in space may be a significant alternative energy source in the century ahead as fossil fuel disappears,” stated Institute of Energy Economics managing director Kensuke Kanekiyo in an interview with Bloomberg.

The solar station will be about 36,000 kilometers (22,369 miles) above the Earth’s surface.  Kudos to the Japanese for trying out some interesting ideas.

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Japan Spending $21 BIllion On Solar Space Satellite To Power Homes On Earth Comments

  1. cleanfamilyenergy.com says:

    Los Angeles Power and Water District is also planning on setting up one of these space stations. The electricity is beamed back to earth through radio waves, which are turned into electricity at the receiver.

    This is an excellent idea! If properly positioned, these stations can absorb sunlight day or night and beam down the electricity. Also, the require minimal cables because we can direct the energy anywhere on earth.

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Thanks for the info cleanfamilyenergy.com. I had no idea that LA is already working on a similar project.

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