50 Cent Believes Music Piracy Is Simply Part Of The Marketing

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50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) recently wrote a book called The 50th Law with Robert Greene. 50 Cent is one of the smartest rappers slash businessman. He invested in Vitamin Water and made $100 million after-taxes when Coca-Cola bought them out for $1.4 billion.

50 Cent recently appeared on CNBC to talk about his “business acumen.” During the interview when 50 Cent was asked about how piracy makes him feel? Does it anger him or is part of the marketing? 50 Cent: “I say its a part of the marketing because the people that didn’t even purchase the material from a pirating perspective… They end up at the concert.”

50 Cent added that piracy could not be stopped. If they could the major labels would actually stop it, but they can’t.

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