MySpace Now Syncs With Twitter (*YAWN* – TweetDeck Already Had That Service To Begin With)

Sharon Nguyen, SVP over at MySpace made an announcement that MySpace can now sync with Twitter. Facebook had this feature available a long time ago through the use of an application, then TweetDeck came along and made that feature available months ago. The most recent update of TweetDeck made the MySpace-update feature possible too.

Some of the key features about the MySpace announcement include:
– Status updates synced back and forth between MySpace and Twitter
– MySpace updates can update Twitter
– When updates are sent from MySpace to Twitter, your MySpace status update is linked so people on MySpace can leave comments
– MySpace/Twitter sync is mobile using MySpace Mobile and WAP
– Open authenthication technology used for making data secure

To sync your MySpace and Twitter accounts, visit

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