Insttant Makes Searching Twitter More Effective

Insttant is a company that is focusing on improving Twitter’s search engine by one-upping their features. Twitter’s search engine just has a text field for finding tags and a “top trends” listing. Insttant has created a way to monitor real-time news which can be leveraged by brands for advertising purposes.

Insttant has a way to monitor whether tweets are positive or negative. Insttant also has the ability to find links and other media that are growing in popularity. Insttant allows users to play or view the media that is spreading quickly.

When searching for content being tweeted about on Insttant, the service will display top headlines that are related to the keyword. Insttant started in March 2009. The company was a finalist at the TechCrunch50 conference. The company is run by Joe Langevin, Travis Person, and Theresa Langevin.

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