80legs Selling Web Crawling As A Service

A lot of Internet companies offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) which ends up being applications to help businesses maintain data. Now 80legs is offering a service that is unique – web crawling. Web crawling is when online content and links are indexed. After being indexed, the links and content is placed in a database for search engines.

To build a web crawler of your own, it usually requires a data center or an online service called Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Shion Deysarkar is currently the CEO of 80legs. Using 80legs is simple because you just tell the service where to crawl and what to look for. Deysarkar said that where Amazon.com can crawl 100 million pages per day, 80legs can crawl 2 billion at the DEMO Conference.

80legs is also launching an application store where developers can sell apps. 80legs charges $2 per million pages crawled and $0.03 per CPU hour that is used. The company is based in Houston, TX and has raised $400,000 from Creeris Ventures.

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