TweetDeck 0.31 Introduces Keyboard Shortcuts and Custom Notifications

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The new version of TweetDeck has launched. TweetDeck is software built on Adobe Air intended to make using Facebook and Twitter easier. TweetDeck can support multiple accounts and has columns that filters out Twitter tweets, replies, direct messages, and groups. The updated is called TweetDeck version 0.31.

TweetDeck version 0.31 now has keyboard shortcuts and an overhaul in the notifications system. The notifications system can be added for certain groups instead of across all the columns. The new TweetDeck also allows the users to to reply, RT, or directly message users from within the notifications menu.

Another cool new feature is the ability to view your newest 100 followers. This way you can decide whether to follow or block them.

The new version of TweetDeck has keyboard shortcuts. This allows users to quickly make changes and send messages without even having to touch the mouse.

Below is a video demo of the new TweetDeck:

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TweetDeck 0.31 Introduces Keyboard Shortcuts and Custom Notifications Comments

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