Apple Files Patent For “Advertisement in Operating System”

Apple recently filed a patent for “Advertisement in Operating System.” The patent date was October 22 and the abstract of the patent is as follows:
“Among other disclosures, an operating system presents one or more advertisements to a user and disables one or more functions while the advertisement is being presented. At the end of the advertisement, the operating system again enables the function(s). The advertisement can be visual or audible. The presentation of the advertisement(s) can be made as part of an approach where the user obtains a good or service, such as the operating system, for free or at reduced cost.”

Apple has $34 billion in cash and the company has been doing very well financially. However their operating system market share is not very large when compared to Microsoft Windows. And Google is expected to launch an open source operating system in the near future. Apple is also competing with the Ubuntu operating system as it continues to spread on netbook devices. It may be in Apple’s interest to make their devices and operating systems more affordable given that the operating market is starting to get saturated and consumers are getting more options.

This patent indicates that Apple is interested in selling computers with a low cost operating system sometime in the future. The user may be forced to watch an advertisement before continuing an operation. Apple products have carried a premium price for a very long time. Perhaps it is time to for them to make more money from those who were not willing to buy Apple’s products based on today’s prices.

The inventors of the patent include CEO Steve Jobs, Freddy Anzures, Mike Matas, Gregory Christie, and Patrick Coffman.

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Apple Files Patent For “Advertisement in Operating System” Comments

  1. DiomedesHorna says:

    I would like to know about porpuses, fuctions, advantages and disavantages of Apple operation system?

  2. DiomedesHorna says:

    I would like to know about porpuses, fuctions, advantages and disavantages of Apple operation system?

  3. thestaticbot says:

    google it.

  4. Lester Nelson says:

    He'd probably google it if he had any clue how to spell what it was he was looking for.

  5. wildrevolution says:

    Mac boasts to offer absolutely flawless integration of hardware and software. Only with a Mac do you get a system built by the same people who make the OS, the applications, and the computer itself.
    Mac users who have Windows in their past tend to agree on a simple point: The Macintosh operating system and its custom-tailored hardware make for a far more reliable, less trouble-prone environment than Windows. It's difficult to put a price tag on that advantage, but it's the advantage that I find the most compelling.

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