Jason Calacanis Starting An Investment Company Called Open Angel Forum

Jason Calacanis is starting a new company called the Open Angel Forum. The reason he is starting this company is because he is sick of angel groups such as the Keiretsu Forum, Maverick Angels, and AlwaysOn charging start-ups for presenting. The investment company that Calacanis is starting will be a for-profit and will have chapters across 20 cities.

In the first quarter, a chapter will be opened in Los Angeles. This is where Calacanis lives and plays poker with over two dozen angel investors. Currently there are logos being voted up and Calacanis said he will discuss more about the business on his webcast.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

Jason Calacanis Starting An Investment Company Called Open Angel Forum Comments

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