Planet Hollywood Sends Facebook Fan An Apology With Fruit, Cheese, Chocolate, Crackers, and Wine

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Brad was a frustrated Planet Hollywood customer who decided to express his anger on the hotel’s Facebook Page. Interestingly, Planet Hollywood responded directly to the Facebook Page by sending a gift to Brad. Below is the full story:

“I signed up as a [Facebook] fan of Planet Hollywood in Vegas, hoping I’d see some promotions and stuff. Last week I posted on their wall that we would be checking in on Sunday and were looking forward to it since I hadn’t stayed there since it was the Aladdin.
We checked in Sunday and dropped our stuff then headed out, when we returned (around 11:00) I called down to housekeeping as I couldn’t find an ashtray, they checked and told me there were no ashtrays since it was a non smoking room, she transferred me to the font [sic] desk, who checked and found me a different smoking room.

I was a little angry since there was no apology for the mix up or any offer to move our bags for us, they just told me to come to the check in desk to get my new room key (where I had to wait in line). So I thought that the whole thing was handled badly and the next day commented on the wall post I had put on Planet Hollywood’s wall “Here now, bad customer service wow”

Planet Hollywood responded by dropping off a cart filled with fruits, chocolates, cheeses, crackers and a bottle of wine with a note saying “hope this makes up for the problems, your PH facebook friends.”

Thought it was a great gesture, and a shock to find a company that reads and responds to their Facebook page.”

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at
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