How Much Did The Apple COO Make In 2009? $14 Million.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is one of the most important figures at the company and he is well compensated for that fact. When CEO Steve Jobs had to take 6 months leave from the company, Cook stepped in to perform Jobs’ duties. Apple’s stock has been surging throughout the year which further increased Cook’s wealth.

According to SEC documents (BusinessInsider), Cook earned $7 million in stock awards in 2007 and $6 million in 2008. This year, Cook has earned $12.3 million in stock awards and his salary is about $800,000 for the year. This means that Cook earned $14 million in 2009. Steve Jobs paid himself a $1 salary and a $1 bonus, but he owns 5.5 million shares of Apple stock.

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How Much Did The Apple COO Make In 2009? $14 Million. Comments

  1. wine club says:

    Funny to see that high of a number and think…well Apple is incredibly well run and Jobs isn't known for overpaying his employees.

    5.5M shares of Apple, must be nice.

  2. TanB says:

    Sweet. He's a Duke MBA.

  3. Toasting Flutes says:

    I'm sorry, but making this kind of money during a recession is just obscene. It almost should be kept off the books so it's not in the face of the American people.

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