Mobile Search App Company Getfugu Raises $800,000

Getfugu, Inc. is a mobile search company that develops applications with a focus on image recognition. By pointing the mobile phone’s camera at a logo, search results are grabbed that are related to the company. Getfugu raises $800,000 of a $10 million financing commitment. The commitment is being provided by Hutton International Investments.

“We are pleased to continue expanding our opportunities for business development through our relationship with Hutton,” stated Getfugu Co-Founder Carl Freer in a press release. “We remain very excited about the growth potential of Getfugu and its new ‘See It, Say It, Get It’ mobile search technology,” commented Hsin-Hau Lu, Managing Director of Hutton. “We look forward to assisting Getfugu in its expansion efforts, particularly in the substantial Asian market where we believe it will be adopted quickly.”

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Mobile Search App Company Getfugu Raises $800,000 Comments

  1. tom says:

    Carl Freer along with Richard Jenkins, Roger Davis and Steve Carroll are criminals who knowingly and willingly take money from employees and consultants. As far back as MediaPower before it was transferred over to Getfugu they have been screwing over employees, consultants and vendors. They have run their criminal racket from New York under MediaPower to Georgia to San Francisco to Los Angeles. They owe millions and millions to people, businesses and governments. They are now back in New York under Getfugu to do the same….

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