51. This dude moons Google Street View car (status: Picture still remains but gets blurred [link])
Location: 115 Tuscany Springs Green NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

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  1. waldo enthusiast says:


  2. Victoria says:

    Those are great! I've actually seen the Can Granaria Santa on the balcony, I live near there!

  3. ivansama says:

    Man they removed all the finny ones

    • ocr fax says:

      Yeah, not so funny.

      I have a question though. What do you do when you see the Google Street View Car passing by?

      Answer: You chase it up a hill with pitchforks wearing scuba gear.

      Take a look here it’s so funny!

  4. mapper99 says:

    Good listing…Not sure on your ranking though :)

    All most of all of those Google Street Views cam from here by the way:

  5. ivan says:

    Photo #100 is supposed to be funny?

    Crazy sense of humor, seriously.

  6. Leslie says:

    I don't really see why it wouldn't be though it's still something strange to see on google maps either way.

  7. Mr. Sam Psoniaway says:

    The Sampsonia Way pictures should not be included as the whole thing was staged.

  8. OUMusicKitten says:

    #16 is actually an office building in the Columbus, OH area…I've been in it!

  9. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    That basket is awesome. I wish I could live in that thing right now.

  10. nuff_said says:

    But where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I miss her :'(

  11. guy says:

    the prada store is a joke/art installation.…

  12. ea says:

    #92 looks photoshopped

  13. dogugotw says:

    The giant basket building @21 is the corporate headquarters for Longaberger baskets.

  14. Rory says:

    I'd like to know the outcome of number 28…

  15. C-ray says:

    Number 15 is in my town!!! Frankenmuth, Michigan, home of the world's largest Christmas store!

  16. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    I'm not too far from you C-Ray. My office is in Ann Arbor.

  17. Jim Bauer says:

    Wouldn't be great luck to be caught just in that moment of something not quite going right. These were great.

  18. NBethany says:

    37 is a little misleading. I have been down that street in Siena and seen several stores just like that all over Italy. The underwear revealing a penis is sold at tourist shops, playing on the David statue in nearby Florence. It's too bad that it's not legitimate though, I would love to see an old lady walking into a sex shop just as much as the next guy. You'll probably have better luck watching the google street views in Amsterdam.

    Otherwise great post : )

  19. Annie Shenanigins says:

    HOLY SHIT! It's Waldo!!!!!!

  20. Lisa says:

    you missed the one with the shoot out somewhere in washington i believe?

  21. BZZT says:

    Number 97 is an art installation just outside of Marfa, TX. <3

    There are no handbags for sale in that store, I promise.

  22. Ada says:

    #69 He is a pilgrim. Santiago de Compostela is the destination of a medieval pilgrimage route, the Way of St. James.

  23. TR says:

    #2 is Wally, not Waldo. The UK invented Where's Wally, but the Americans renamed him Waldo for some reason.

  24. K. Mior says:

    hah! no. #38 is me! I was performing at a busker festival. I'm not even from there! Sorry I creeped you out, google street view!

  25. Big Pollock says:

    You missed this one: It's from Spain, where a man gets caught picking up hookers on the side of the road. (You can actually zoom in pretty close to the girls)

  26. modsuperstar says:

    Can't say I ever perceived Canada to be that redneck, but there definitely seemed to be a lot ammo here. I love that the one of the guy showing his belly is from Oshawa, I used to live there and it seems somewhat representative.

  27. modsuperstar says:

    Even better, the corner in Oshawa that guy had his picture taken was one of the bus stops I used to stand at all the time when I lived there.

  28. jo cam says:

    That 3 boobed lady is cool. They have the biggest boobs on google earth at

  29. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    Do it Rockapella!

  30. Amit Chowdhry ( says:

    I think this one is blacked out. I tried visiting it but not having any luck seeing it.

  31. nuff_said says:

    Indeed -_-. A tip of the hat to ye.

  32. Maduglyman says:

    #33 thats a spit of Donair meat If I've ever seen one… and you can bet your tuches I have!

  33. deej says:

    #38 Isn't a statue, it's a person at buskerfest! haha :)

  34. Itsashirt T shirts says:

    Woohaa! Spongebob rules!

  35. LeeJH says:

    #91 is dead.

  36. spacekadett says:

    3 boobs are better than 2, thats what i always say

  37. Proud.Canadian. says:

    I like how in all of the Canadian ones, your lil comments are all about how weird we are..

  38. elan says:

    The 'hand job' car wash is 5 mins from my house, and it always makes me laugh… I'm scared to take my car there though..

  39. Anika says:

    I've always liked Canada but I'm rethinking it….according to these random pictures, Ontario anyways is major FAIL.

  40. Luna says:

    I love how the weirdest ones are in England… Makes me proud to be English! ^_^

  41. haruko says:

    right now theres a point were you look at a tower in london, the top part is green, gostly, and inched to a side.

  42. Jon Carton says:

    The man and the prostitute is embarrassing. On they have chicks flashing and the hookers are everywhere in detroit. sad city.

  43. Abhishek Agarwal says:

    Thats a nIce collection..

  44. dejon97 says:

    Not sure why, but I love seeing these.

  45. Yo Extranjero says:

    Picture N° 78 Where????

  46. Ian says:

    Picture #41: Love how they chose to blur the word “happy” (I presume) on the sign but show “Mark”.

  47. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Testing CSS

  48. Nelson says:

    #76 UFO????

  49. Racker says:

    Damn, these pics are so UN-funny, haha. Hate Streetview

  50. Michael says:

    There is some crazy stuff going on in the world. And that is only one glimpse that they were able to capture. There are probably the craziest things going on right now all over the world! I wonder if these people know that ehty are known al over ithe internet…

  51. It'sMeeeXD says:

    #60 isnt there anymore

  52. It'sMeeeXD says:

    oops srry nevermind

  53. Phil says:

    LOL at the Stig. It's amazing that these pictures were both taken and found. Phil from wedding toasting flutes

  54. Seán says:

    No. 69 Is a pilgrim, Santiago is a pilgrim city, he has a shell on his hat that you pick up from the starting point and a stick that most people have on the Camino (pilgrimage)

  55. jesus mexico says:

    Those people are "danzoneros", people who dance a cuban rythm named "danzon"…

  56. jesus mexico says:

    As weird as it sounds, public buses in Mexico love to put Canadian (and other countries) Flags on it…

  57. Tom Davies says:

    LOL, i loved all the ones about men!!

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  59. Kranberry says:

    #60 is different

  60. John B. says:

    haha funny !

  61. Xplore4life says:

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  62. rtc says:

    Picture number 7 of the Prada store is an artwork – it's not a real store rather a replica.

  63. andy_12u says:

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  64. Pastor says:

    #38 = Deatheaters!

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  67. minnie says:

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  68. Angel A says:

    #59. These are very well known, but they are not learning Tango, it’s Danzón, which is a Mexican dance. They practice on saturdays and on sundays they “perform” all dressed up as they did back in the 50s.

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