15. Unbelieveable!! Whole gecko rapidly eaten by ants!
Whenever the owners of this video leaves food on their table, it gets consumed by ants quickly. In this example, a dead gecko that the owners found was left on the table. Watch how fast the ants consume.

14. Rotting Halloween Pumpkin Time Lapse
This time lapse video is of a jack-o-lantern rotting as it sits there staring at us with its evil grin. I’d like to ask the pumpkin at the end of the video, look who is grinning now jerk?

13. Rotting Apple
One of the grossest things I’ve ever seen.

12. Sunrise in Dubai timelapse HD 1080p
This is a video of the sunrise in Dubai. It was made using 1,440 images over the course of a few hours.

11. Star Spin ENE night sky time lapse long trails V06961
This is a time lapse video of stars floating through the sky and their trails.

10. Time-lapse video of deep-sea feeding frenzy
This is a time-lapse video of creatures in the deep sea having dinner. I especially like how the time-lapse speeds up and slows down during the whole process.

9. HD: Arctic Melt Time Lapse – Nature’s Great Events: The Great Melt – BBC One
This is a video that BBC put together of glaciers in the Arctic melting.

8. Venus Fly trap meets a Beetle; it’s not a happy ending!
YouTube user MarkyM4rk made a time lapse video of a Venus fly trap eating up a beetle.

7. TimeLapse Typhoon “Nangka” over Hong Kong
YouTube user tokyoahead filmed this video of a time lapse of typhoon nangka hovering. He recorded this with a Canon 50D and a 17-55mm 2.8 lens.

6. Station Fire Time Lapse Sunset 8/29/09
YouTube user willieworks filmed this video of the Station fire North of Los Angeles on 8/29/2009; The time this was made is between 7:00pm tp 9:30pm. The video was shot on Mulhulland Dr. with a Canon EOS 20D.

5. Best time lapse ever nature scenes from Greenpeace
I really like the inhale and exhale effects in this Greenpeace video.

4. One Year in 90 Seconds
Eirik Solheim put together this HD video of what a year in nature looks like in Oslo, Norway.

3. Antarctica Time lapse: A Year on Ice
Anthony Powell took over one million photos in Anctarctica to put together this time lapse video. The filming took place around McMurdo Station and Scott Base. This video is a smaller version of a large project he is working on. Check out http://www.antarcticimages.com/ for more details.

2. Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse
The Northern Lights is one of the most glorious visual phenomena seen in nature. This is one thing I would add to my list of things to see before I die.

1. Eclectic 2.0 – My second time lapse experiment
Ross Ching put together a time lapse experiment called Eclectic 2.0 and matched it with a song by an unsigned band called The Ghost Orchid.

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