20 Of The Most Useful Adobe AIR Applications [Screenshots]

1. AOL Top 100 Videos [Download]

Everyone likes listening to music.  This Adobe AIR desktop widget offers a simple to use way to watch music videos through AOL.  The videos are categorized by ranking and genre.

2. GeeMail [Download]

GeeMail is an Adobe AIR desktop widget that connects to GMail.  Configuring POP or IMAP is not necessary to get online.  And if you send an e-mail without being connected to the web, GeeMail will automatically send it after an Internet connection is detected.

3. Portfolio Viewer [Download]

Portfolio Viewer is a tool that allows you to track stock investments on your desktop.  The application allows you to track multiple portfolios and it automatically receives price updates.  Investment details can be added to Quicken, Microsoft Money, and Microsoft Excel.

Based on your portfolio of investments, this applications determines your annual rate of return and determines investment allocation.

4. AlertThingy [Download]

AlertThingy is an Adobe AIR widget that can send Tweets and update Facebook statuses.  AlertThingy can also upload pictures to Flickr and update Tumblr blogs.  If you use business social tools such as Yammer, Basecamp, or Huddle, AlertThingy will also work for you.  AlertThingy also works as an RSS reader.

5. CL Desktop [Download]

The Craigslist.com user interface sometimes looks painfully too old school.  The CL Desktop Adobe AIR widget makes browsing Craigslist more friendly.  After installing the application, you have the option to search for keywords and filter out data by selecting the state and city.  After selecting the state and city then you can filter out data based on categories.

6. DiggTop [Download]

DiggTop is an Adobe AIR widget that allows you to navigate around social bookmarking website Digg.com from the desktop.  If you’re not a big fan of the Digg web toolbar, this is a good work around.

7. SpreadTweet [Download]

SpreadTweet is an Adobe AIR application that makes it easier to use Twitter when you’re around the office.  SpreadTweet disguises Twitter so that it looks just like a Microsoft Excel document.  The username is shown in one column and the tweets are shown in the next column.  I would have loved to have this when I was in corporate America.

8. Tumblweed [Download]

Tumblweed is made for Tumblr addicts.  Tumblweed can create new posts and update older posts.  Most features on Tumblr are supported by Tumblweed including drag-and-drop, webcam photo uploading, and clipboards.

9. NASDAQ Market Replay [Download]

The NASDAQ Market Replay is a tool that replays what happened in the stock market.  It also works as a financial analysis tool.  The tool works for NASDAQ, NYSE and Amex-listed securities.  An account may be required to log in.

10. DeskTube [Download]

DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application that is conducive for using YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  DeskTube has 4 way video chat, playlist editing, the ability to search/view/upload videos, and post/view comments.

DeskTube also allows you to update tweets and Facebook statuses.  Video recording is compatible with DeskTube.

11. EarthBrowser [Download]

EarthBrowser is an Adobe AIR application that serves as a simulation of the Earth for weather purposes. The weather conditions displayed on EarthBrowser are in real-time. The 7 day forecasts are available for thousands of locations.  The map can also display earthquakes and volcanoes.

12. TweetDeck [Download]

TweetDeck is my most favorite Adobe AIR application.  It aggregates new feeds from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  TweetDeck also supports multiple accounts and can separate direct messages and replies from Twitter.  I open TweetDeck every morning and let it run the whole day.

13. Chalkboard [Download]

Chalkboard is a desktop application that makes sketching on the computer easy to do.  You can pick up a marker from the bottom of the chalkboard and draw around it.  The thickness of the line and transparency is controlled by a slider on the lower left.
The Chalkboard can be stretched by dragging the frame corners.  Drawings can be saved from the chalkboard.

14. StudioCloud 3.0 [Download]

StudioCloud is business management software that can be used for Client Management, Scheduling, Point-of-Sale, Bookkeeping, Reporting, and Project/Event Management.

15. Klok [Download]

Klok is a solid time management application made on Adobe AIR.  There is a built in calendar to mark how you spent your time or how you plan to spend it. Pie charts can be generated for the amount of time spent on activities.

16. Jigsawlite [Download]

Jigsawlite allows you to make any digital photo into a Jigsaw puzzle.  Setting up Jigsaw puzzles using digital photos is as easy as using a drag and drop interface.

17. RichFLV [Download]

RichFLV is an Adobe AIR application that allows users to edit FLV files. Cuepoints of the FLV files can be edited.  There is also a cutting FLV feature. FLV files can be converted to MP3 files using RichFLV.  FLV files can be made into SWFs and sound can be changed too.

18. ReadAir [Download]

ReadAir is a fantastic RSS reader.  Some of the features include:
– Keyboard shortcuts (shift+a – mark all read / r – refresh)
– Themes for Windows
– Favicon support
– Continuation
– Synchronization with Google Reader
– Tag support
– Feed search
– Resizable panes

19. Doomi [Download]

Doomi is a to-do list that allows you to create and set reminders.  It has all the features you use, and none of the ones you don’t.  The order of the to do list is controlled using drag and drop.

20. Ora Time and Expense [Download]

Ora Time and Expense is an Adobe AIR application that can generate time sheets and can used for time tracking.  Invoices can also be generated and the webcam can be used to scan receipts for expenses.  These receipts can be attached to expense reports. The time sheets, expenses, and invoices can be exported into HTML, Excel, CSV, or XML formats.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

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