31 Interesting Social Media Data Visualization Tools

Every day millions of people are tweeting, digging, voting up on reddit, IMing, texting, and uploading video content.  Keeping track of everything on the Internet can be overwhelming.  Visualizing some of this data can make things easier on our eyes.  There are lots of tools out there that can help visualize and make sense of all of the user generated data.  The purpose of this blog post is to raise the awareness of the tools available as of today.  I have broken down the tools by the associated websites in alphabetical order here.


Digg 365 (Sponsored by McDonald’s) [Link] – Digg launched this service on the company’s 5 year anniversary of their launch. Digg 365 shows the top 10 stories on the day, month, or year.  Users have the option to filter out top tens based on the categories.

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31 Interesting Social Media Data Visualization Tools Comments

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    Digg Arc looks great. Phil from wedding toasting flutes

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    I love this post and itreally helps. I am a visual person and love logos. I did not know all of the logos associated with the different social media cites. I think that this can help alot of people with keeping track of all of them, becuase they are a whole lot of them.

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