40 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Super Bowl Sunday is here again folks. Personally I’m rooting for the Colts because Ervin Baldwin went to Michigan State around the same time that I did. And I also think highly of Mike Hart even though he went to U of M. And of course I also think that Peyton is one of the best QBs I’ve seen. And usually when I pick my favorite team, it is based on proximity to where I live. Lucas Oil Stadium is a couple hundred miles south of me. But one of my most favorite parts of the Super Bowl is the ads.

Every year advertising companies spend millions of dollars to advertise for the Super Bowl. A large portion of the money spent on Super Bowl ads go behind the creativity too. Although Pepsi won’t be participating in Super Bowl advertisements this year, CBS was able to sell about $200 million worth of ad space. About 100 million people are expected to tune into the game.

I have compiled a list of 40 of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. Check it out and let us know what you think about this year’s commercials in the comments:

1. Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer – Cash 4 Gold

2. Plot To Destroy The World – Hulu

3. Scream – Bridgestone

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors – Budweiser

5. Cavemen – FedEx

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40 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time Comments

  1. Phil Thorne says:

    The Bridgestone one was the best! Still remember it to this day. Phil from wedding toasting flutes

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